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How Does We Facilitate Your Business By Sending Emails Campaigns

March 15, 2017 -   

By email marketing you can raise rapidly your business easily. Email marketing is the most accurate tool to boost ROI and it enhances loyalty and customer relationship on a deeper level than any other marketing strategy. You should have a perfect and effective strategy for sending emails to get right direction for your business, IKhat the bulk email service provider helps you in making & executing such strategies.

Welcome Emails

By an attractive welcome email we can have an ultimate first impression on your customer. To greet your customers and to tell them what type of emails they will receive in the future. For welcome it will be more suitable that we use conversational tone to make them feel more connected. Digital Marketing through email is the best medium to send welcome emails for new customers looking to use your products/services.

Adoption Emails

These types of emails send to keep your customers engaged with your products. Adoption email leads to faster adoption of the product or service and increased customer’s loyalty. IKhat the best email marketing solution makes sure that your email campaigns land into inbox by doing all due diligence at entry level only.

Thank you Emails

To build a rapport and make them feel valued you should send thank you emails to our customers after an event or function or party. Through these types of emails you can treat customers more like friends and less like sources of revenue. IKhat, email marketing services solution also treat their customers in same way.

Customer Feedback Emails

Every businessman wants buyers happy with his products or services. For this you can use customer feedback emails to gather feedback from your business consumers.

Promotional Emails

To persuade the customers to buy more product we use promotional emails informing them about new discounts and special offers. And this strategy always works. These type of emails are send by maximum numbers of customers using mass mailing through IKhat.

Informational Emails

With the latest information your customers will be more willing to share your brand with others. By informational emails we keep your customers informed.

Reminder Emails

To make your customers captivated with your site or brand use Reminder emails. By this type of emails we can reminds them about forgotten or delayed product or service.

Email Marketing Campaign