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Create and Send Great Looking Email

Email Personalization

Personalize your email by adding custom fields such as first name, age or city.

Upload or Import Content

Quickly upload your email communication (HTML) from your computer or import from a web page and start sending your campaign.

Forward to a Friend

Expand your email reach by including a "forward to a friend" link in your email.

Schedule your Campaigns

With our full support for scheduled sending, you can schedule it to go out immediately or at a later more convenient time.

Spam Check Tool

With spam check tool you can evaluate the content of your email for vulnerability of spam.

Inbox Preview for Major Email Clients

Ikhat's inbox preview tool shows how your email will look in all of the popular email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc).

Manage Lists and Subscribers

Powerful List Segmentation

Filter your contacts across multiple lists based on common attributes such as location or interests and send emails to each segment.

No Duplicate/ Wrong Formatted Emails

With Ikhat you never have to worry about duplicate emails. We guarantee you'll never find a duplicate email address in your list.

Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes

We ensure that all unsubscribe requests are processed for you automatically giving you and your subscribers peace of mind.

Automatic Bounce Handling

Bounced emails are processed and removed from your list for you automatically, meaning your list is always clean.

Suppression list

The built-in email suppression tool manages a list of contacts who shouldn't (and won't) be sent your emails under any circumstance.

Reporting and Analytics

Email Open Reporting

Get access to important reports such as how many people opened your email and when.

Link Click Tracking

See which links were clicked, by whom and when. You can follow up with leads who've shown interest by clicking a link in your email.

Google Analytics Integration

Now your email campaign can be tracked with Google Analytics, giving you full integration for number of visits, goals and e-commerce conversions.

Email Bounce Tracking

Bounces are handled for you automatically and you can view reports showing which email addresses bounced, when and why.

Unsubscribe Reporting

See unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign you send.You can view the details of everyone who unsubscribed.

Advanced Features

Top Notch Deliverability

Authentication, relationships with ISP's and more ensure your emails are delivered.

Social Media Integration

Expand the reach of your email campaigns with our social media plugin. With this plugin make the most out of your email campaigns.

Integration with Website Signup Forms

With our ready-made plugin, integrate your website's sign up form and manage email campaigns through Ikhat.